A polar bear raids a fridge in one of the comedy books at Dredly.com

Welcome to the new and improved Dredly.com It's still the home of comedy books, but with a shiny new Short Stories section for your delectation. Part Two of our latest story 'The Venetian Bind' is available now - Click here

Or read the first nine chapters of the comedy novel A Pinch Of Sage And Dredly for free! It's literally awash* with psychotic moustaches, shape-shifting polar bears, Swiss killer gnomes, evil children’s entertainers and surveillance pigeons.

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And there’s more comedy! With a special onsite section just for bears** Dredly.com is the perfect way to relax at work while looking like you’re doing important research on the web.

Now you have a choice...

I am a human.

I am a bear.





















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*That is a lie. Sorry. Obviously it won’t literally be awash with anything, because that would wreck our computer. Our marketing advisors thought it would make it sound ‘now’ and ‘exciting’ if we put that in.

**But not Koalas, which are not bears. You know you’re not bears, so don’t even try it. I’m not kidding, buddy, get your paw off the mouse and step away from the computer.


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