Albert with a cup of tea and a haddock stuffed up his cardigan in one of the funny books at Dredly.com



Well, you might be enjoying our current story online, but what if you like your comedy books in book form so you can read on the beach, or on a plane, or in bed? Or maybe you like funny books in eBook format? Fear not! We have a solution – it’s an interesting chemical mixture, which leaves a lovely violet coloured precipitate if you heat it long enough over a Bunsen burner… but I digress.

Now available in paper or Kindle formats from Amazon!

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All these humor books are fully illustrated with pretty much all the pictures from the website. They're the real deal, so if you like the feel of a book in your hands while you’re reading, just click on one of the links and hey presto, you can fulfill your desires... for humorous books, anyway.












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