A Pinch Of Sage And Dredly.


A showgirl shows off in one of the humor books at Dredly.com


Yes, this is where we keep all the other chapters of our rip-roaring comedy books. Right now our story is 'A Pinch Of Sage And Dredly'. Although we did experiment with an unstructured hodge-podge of chapters to choose from, it was all too confusing so we've put them into chronological order below.

Click on the titles to access the chapters.

1.  Squeaky Dirty.

2.  What's Brown And Sticky? A Stick.

3. What's The Game?

4. Paws For Thought.

5. Getting Stuff Done.

6. Bear Faced Cheek.

7. Up, Up And Away.

8. Strange Local Customs.

9. It's Not How Big It Is...

And these are the tantalising titles of the chapters of the rest of the book, available here.

10. Unhappy Landings.

11. New York, New York.

12. 'Biff' Is A Four Letter Word.

13. Hair Today...

14. ...Gone Tomorrow.

15. Shave And A Haircut (Two Bits).

16. Trucking Hell.

17. A Nightmare On East 66th Street.

18. A Nightmare On East 66th Street 2.

19. 'Tache On Delivery.

20. A Chink In The Armour.

21. Where's The Biff?

22. Pigeons Work In Pairs.

23. Feathers And Loathing In Bermuda.

24. Feds And Tails.

25. Rocky Mountain Low.

26. Sunday, Monday.

27. Happy Daze.

28. Tee For Three.

29. Fore Crikey!

30. A Trip To The Cloak Room.

31. Now That's What I Call Evil!

32. Tragic Act.

33. Homeward Bound And Gagged.




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