Short Stories.

Dredly in a Hussar’s uniform with Calorie stuck under a hat in one of the funny short stories at Dredly.com

This is where you can enjoy funny short stories starring various characters from 'A Pinch Of Sage And Dredly' without having to wait until we get our backsides into gear creating the next of our full length comedy books.

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The Venetian Bind - Part One.

The Venetian Bind - Part Two.

Sage and Dredly are in Venice to see the sights, enjoy the food and stock up on touristy tat, but there's something evil stirring in the heart of the historic city of canals. Massimo Grassi, Don of the Venetian pigeon mafia, is preparing to destroy his enemies and will eliminate anyone who gets in his way. Can Sage and Dredly avoid  the shifty sparrows, vicious seagulls and bloodthirsty pigeons as they fight to see who rules the roost, or will it all end up in blood, feathers and outrageous dry cleaning bills? To read it, Click here






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