Some stuff from one of the funny books at Dredly.com


Thus far we've served up plenty of nonsense, so we thought it only fair to offer some stuff to go with it.

On this page you may feel free to scroll down and discover some free downloads, links to other sites and some critical reviews of our work.

And yes, it's all 'below the fold' which, if you're not familiar with web/newspaper design, is a cardinal sin. But we're doing it anyway! Yes, you can consider this envelope well and truly pushed.








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Just right click (or control click) on the pictures to save them. You undoubtedly know that anyway, but the instruction is there just in case some people don't. Right, here are the pictures...


The Pigeons Are Watching from one of the comedy books at Dredly.com


Sage and Dredly fighting the Lobstermen in one of the humor books at Dredly.com


Moustache Wrestling from one of the funny books at Dredly.com




“Please stop bothering us.” The Duluth Literary Supplement.

“Not nearly enough about pigs.” The Pig Fondler Gazette.

“Almost no grasp of leatherworking techniques – a real disappointment.” Cobblers' Monthly.

"With spiralling kitty-litter prices, do you really expect anyone to have the time or inclination to read this?" Cat News Headlines.



Here are some links to other amusing things.


Bush and Blair A little bit of politics here. Victor used to co-write/produce this fantastically complicated Podcast which mercilessly made fun of the glorious leaders of the Free West using some top vocal impressionists. The best ones are available on iTunes.




Pod The World Cup A little bit of football here and some more great impressions. In 2006 England went to the World Cup - they didn't do brilliantly, but at least they got there, unlike this year with the European Championships. Honestly, Steve McIdiot - what were they thinking? Anyway, there are some very amusing bits here.




Das Boot More footy, this time from last year. More impressions, more fun and your chance to try Living With The Beckhams.







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